13 years ago Rosie walked in to the Norton pub not knowing their lives would change forever. This was the first time Mike met Rosie.

Rosie started working at the pub in April 2007, working mainly Sunday shifts together, their friendship blossomed, spending many a night playing pool or chatting at the bus stop until the early hours of the morning -some mornings the milk man went by as they sat freezing in the cold talking about family, life and the future.

Like any love story, the path to love didn’t always run smoothly! Rosie went traveling and Mike started his training as an electrician but they still remained in contact, having many fun nights out including the infamous Rave night!

Rosie started University in September 2008 and they realised before she left, how much they were going to miss each other. They promised to stay in contact.

On the 8th January 2009, Mike and Rosie went on a night out to Plug, that evening in the dark, Mike asked Rosie to be his girlfriend – Rosie thought Mike was joking! From then they were inseparable, Mike and Rosie travelled back and forth from Leicester to see each other most weekends, going on holiday for the first time together in August 2009, to their favourite and most magical place – Antigua!

Together through everything, both of them supported each other through some very hard times.

In October 2011, Rosie and Mike moved into their first rented home with Olly and Steph, shortly after Rosie’s graduation, having many fun times! Mike was working as a Landscape Gardner and Rosie was in between jobs working at Nationwide, John Lewis and eventually as a cover teacher at Notre Dame School.

Over the coming years Mike and Rosie built their life together, moving into their next rented home together in October 2013, Mike becoming a qualified Electrician and Rosie training and becoming a Drama teacher. They enjoyed many Christmas’s together building the Christmas decoration collection, as well as many Easters with Mike munching on Easter eggs and enjoying countless evenings watching movies and eating pizza!

On the 8th July 2018 Rosie and Mike got Dora the cat- later being told that he was a boy and changing his name to Marley Bob! In quick succession Mike and Rosie took the plunge to find their forever home- they felt like Grenoside was calling and in March 2019 they found their perfect home!

On August 22nd 2019, under the stars in Antigua, Mikey asked Rosie to marry him. Of course she said yes! Their adventure of planning the wedding and their future together is where we are today……

“Looking back on our relationship mikey has been the best part of my life-
From that first time I met him it was love at first sight. I just knew he was special to me”.

“I can’t wait for Rosie to be my wife. It’s been a long time coming (as we all know!) but I love how close we are. After 11 years of being together, everyday is still as amazing as the first.”